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It all started with tree planting, as an eco-warrior  I met Mr Michael since them were remained in touch, about 200,000trees planted as one way of protecting environment..

Using crowdfundraising I didn’t do much, in my subsequent chats with you I learn a lot, I realized we can do much using money raised locally. This started with 1200$ grant  where two computers were bought, Wi-Fi installed.

Now the story of PrinterNet café starts here. It was the most beautiful thought I have never had to have this cafe in place  this started slowly, with one support staff it’s doing great

Student who are applying for further studies come in here, to search for best universities where they can go.

Those who have graduated too come to search for available jobs. This has greatly saved resources of these young people  instead of traveling to city to do the same.

“We realized that this project can well be managed with help of good transport system, as I talk the motorcycle is in place, I no longer take hours to execute activities” 

As if that is not enough, we have now grown to a bigger space that can now accommodate other computer.


I’m not only looking at cafe but making it more comfortable for the users. What do I mean here?  

When some spends more time on computer  you need to refresh your minds etc, so we are considering having a refrigerator for the same and have a few soft drinks.

In future I will also consider brewing coffee for those interested. As I told you before we shall consider having more branches especially near any institution for higher learning especially for more printing etc

Youth unemployment remains a serious policy challenge in many sub-Saharan African countries, including Uganda. In 2016, youth (aged 15 to 24) in sub-Saharan Africa were twice likely to be unemployed compared to any other age cohort. For Uganda, in 2017, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics revealed that the share of unemployed youth (national definition, 18-30 years) among the total unemployed persons in the country was 64 percent.

Given the rapid growth of the Ugandan population three-quarters of the population are below the age of 30 years coupled with the fact that the youth are getting better educated through higher access to primary and secondary education, a stronger focus on job creation for this cohort of people cannot be overemphasized.

Causes of youth unemployment are believed to be multifaceted, ranging from an inadequate investment/supply side of jobs, insufficient employable skills (i.e., youth possess skills that are not compatible with available jobs) and high rates of labor force growth at 4.7 percent per annum.

In this regard under the support of PrinterNet, we have invested in the café that is going to change lives of the youth. Most youth as I had highlighted in previous posts , they use internet to search for jobs, apply online to universities. Some universities put announcements on websites in case of any update so youth are required to check.

With installation of Wi-Fi here in village hopes of many have been restored,Many youth come to use internet to search. There is a lot of information that can help youth get jobs. Agriculture is the back born of Uganda, most of youth are able to read a lot of information about
About the youth employment we are looking at having a vocational school, this will help youth to study courses that can easily get jobs, such subjects are carpentry,plumbing,tailoring etc.with combined efforts we shall achieve all goals.

The café which started some weeks ago, keep on changing lives of many youth. In all the five villages which our project cover we have about  350 youths, Not all of them can read and write,sime of them didn’t get chance to go to school because of so reasons, some have parents but their parents are not able not able to take care of them, others are double orphans ,yet others are not studying because of domestic violence. All in all the numbers of youth who use internet the numbers are increasing.

The numbers is between 20-30 per day, and not every one is able to come every day this gives me an impression the number that use internet is more than 30 per week.We should be doing better than this but as I mentioned most youth some of them still lack skills. I hope with introduction of vocational school we shall do much better.

They are some youth who come with friends to see how internet works,This means they interested in learning but with time the situation will be control.

The project which that with the installation of Wi-Fi some days back now, its turning our 5 villages a model villages.after adding more computer more users keep on coming to search.this going to bring in bleed of they say information is power but now here lack of information is history ,people now informed on may issues.

When the president was reading a national budget some people came to watch  his speech, people get to know available opportunity.With this wider space that serves coffee and cold drinks has made the café more comfortable for the users.each day we selling more that 10 cold coke soda, this about profit of 2000sh per day and 5000 sh on tea, hoping the number of user increase we shall increase.

“The current four computers can’t accommodate the available people because new about the café is spreading like a forest fire, there more computers the more people that come and the more we sell  more drinks”

You can’t talk about the café in village here without talking about the PrinterNet, it started slowly with the installation of Wi-Fi, later, to two computers, now we have five as I talk. This is the best experience ever  here.

People search for various information any the same time taking coffee. This has not only helped the locals but also  travelers .its now a stop over for many tourists

It’s not only about the café but improving the livelihood of people in village, we have support staff gaining from the same investment  and we hope in future this will go beyond this.

About, education students applying online, and same time applying jobs online.

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