July 14, 2018

Jonas Chabroka Fadweck

Its meeting day of our committee to review last minute activity happened yesterday in the community.


. Thuchila youth…org volunteers

. Thuchila chapter committee members

. Group village head Nkando, our chief

. Member from community

Total of 12 members


. To review what happened yesterday on our rally in the community

. To write up activity/work plan for quarterly

. Prepare monitoring and evaluation meeting coming Monday by our partner organization staffs

. To evaluate and facilitate data collected in the villages and suggest way forward

. To draft partnership proposal


July 13, 2018

Jonas Chabroka Fadweck

Today’s dispatch:

Field work with partnership with international organization white ribbon alliance for safe motherhood. Many women on community dies at home after delivery because of late or not going to hospital.

Now with this 5 year project by the organization we are encouraging local people from the community on the significant of women to deliver at hospital and that they are receiving relevant treatment at hospital by qualified health workers. Our partners are health workers especially nurses and midwives, village chiefs, hospital advisory committee.

Today we at Group village head Juma for community mobilization and sensitization for the importance of community to realize that derivering women need to visit hospital early from first trimester till delivery as our mission is to reduce maternal and infants death rate in the community.

We have chapter group called Thuchila Chapter with coordinator Jonas Fadweck, Chairman and vice, Secretary and vice, treasure and 5 members. Project motto: Healthy Mothers Healthy World!


July 7

Jonas Chabroka Fadweck


2018 has been an exciting year as Thuchila Youth Empowerment Programme and Development Network, community youth organisation clocked 10 years of operation.

Since our founding, we received government authority to operate elsewhere in Malawi as far as helping vulnerable are concerned. Over 200 elderly, 100 orphans and vulnerable children have been helped with basic needs. Promotion of safe motherhood activities in reduction to maternal and infant death rate is just one of our success stories.

School girl child education with back to school project which helped 5 girls with scholarship,keep them in class project which helped over 20 girls at Thuchila Community Day Secondary School has also been fruitful results.

Many things have been achieved on the way although there was some challenges including destruction of our office, lack of resources just to mention few.

The organisation became the first node of the PrinterNet Foundation Network in Africa, PFNA. With the help of the node in New York City, WIFI has been installed. As the result of our work we have receive free land for the printernet office. Let’s thank Printernet Foundation in New York for their help.


June 22

What have been achieved since the installation of the village Wi-Fi.
. Community are now access to low cost internet and other free of charge service by volunteers.
. Young people access to low cost typing service and video shooting
. Villagers reduce long distance to town to access internet at expensive cost
. Lives of the community changes in the role model experience in technology studies
. Access to school fees to the girl needy
. The chief leaders surrender important land for the telecentre of for printer net office
. Community labor in brick laying for the construction of office block
. Government salute the work and promise support in other ways

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