Introducing Uganda

Herbert Kajoki

July 2 at 3:39 PM

Welcome to Uganda the Pearl of Africa and thank you for choosing ONE VILLAGE TOURS as the best travel company in Uganda, which gives you motivation, love, composure of a life time memorable experience and the feel for Uganda – African culture, climate, biodiversity, nature and wildlife at full hand.

We are a social enterprise. We earmark 20% of our profits to invest in community development in the village. While there are many choices for people to go our eco tours, a better way to understand what we have to offer is Agri – tourism.

Agrotourism is a direct expansion of ecotourism which exposes tourists to experience agricultural life at first hand. While you experience the natural landscape you also experience the cultural landscape by experiencing agricultural life at first hand


It is also a way of gathering support for small communities as rural people have realized the benefit of sustainable income brought about by similar forms of nature travel. Visitors have the opportunity to work in the fields alongside real farmers and support them according to their needs and capacity.

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