July 14, 2018

Jonas Chabroka Fadweck

Its meeting day of our committee to review last minute activity happened yesterday in the community.


. Thuchila youth…org volunteers

. Thuchila chapter committee members

. Group village head Nkando, our chief

. Member from community

Total of 12 members


. To review what happened yesterday on our rally in the community

. To write up activity/work plan for quarterly

. Prepare monitoring and evaluation meeting coming Monday by our partner organization staffs

. To evaluate and facilitate data collected in the villages and suggest way forward

. To draft partnership proposal


July 13, 2018

Jonas Chabroka Fadweck

Today’s dispatch:

Field work with partnership with international organization white ribbon alliance for safe motherhood. Many women on community dies at home after delivery because of late or not going to hospital.

Now with this 5 year project by the organization we are encouraging local people from the community on the significant of women to deliver at hospital and that they are receiving relevant treatment at hospital by qualified health workers. Our partners are health workers especially nurses and midwives, village chiefs, hospital advisory committee.

Today we at Group village head Juma for community mobilization and sensitization for the importance of community to realize that derivering women need to visit hospital early from first trimester till delivery as our mission is to reduce maternal and infants death rate in the community.

We have chapter group called Thuchila Chapter with coordinator Jonas Fadweck, Chairman and vice, Secretary and vice, treasure and 5 members. Project motto: Healthy Mothers Healthy World!


July 7

Jonas Chabroka Fadweck


2018 has been an exciting year as Thuchila Youth Empowerment Programme and Development Network, community youth organisation clocked 10 years of operation.

Since our founding, we received government authority to operate elsewhere in Malawi as far as helping vulnerable are concerned. Over 200 elderly, 100 orphans and vulnerable children have been helped with basic needs. Promotion of safe motherhood activities in reduction to maternal and infant death rate is just one of our success stories.

School girl child education with back to school project which helped 5 girls with scholarship,keep them in class project which helped over 20 girls at Thuchila Community Day Secondary School has also been fruitful results.

Many things have been achieved on the way although there was some challenges including destruction of our office, lack of resources just to mention few.

The organisation became the first node of the PrinterNet Foundation Network in Africa, PFNA. With the help of the node in New York City, WIFI has been installed. As the result of our work we have receive free land for the printernet office. Let’s thank Printernet Foundation in New York for their help.


June 22

What have been achieved since the installation of the village Wi-Fi.
. Community are now access to low cost internet and other free of charge service by volunteers.
. Young people access to low cost typing service and video shooting
. Villagers reduce long distance to town to access internet at expensive cost
. Lives of the community changes in the role model experience in technology studies
. Access to school fees to the girl needy
. The chief leaders surrender important land for the telecentre of for printer net office
. Community labor in brick laying for the construction of office block
. Government salute the work and promise support in other ways



Written by: Mphatso Jafali

In 2015, the project of agriculture and food security was launched and has been implemented by Thuchila Youth Org in Mulanje District, Malawi with support and partnership with SFP, USA directed by Susan Johnson.

Malawi is one of African country which depends on agriculture as source of food and family income. For instant, maize/corn, beans, millet, sorghum and rice are some of staple foods in Malawi. In 2015 Thuchila Youth Org (TIYEPAD NETWORK) partnered with SFP charity organization based in USA to supply staple seeds crops including maize/corn, dried beans, cabbages, pumpkin, carrots, onions, egg plants, watermelon and many other seeds crops to vulnerable groups including people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, village women as well as school pupils. Since then over 5000 people in 18 clubs were benefited from the project which was distributed for communal, school and home gardens. The harvest of the crop yields which is also a positive impact/output of the project was for commercial and family food use and also nutritional supplement to people living with HIV/AIDS, orphans as well as community women. One of beneficiaries Charles Buleya who is also chairperson for one of club named Tiyamike support club which is among 18 supporting clubs recommends; “ It’s my  sincerely thanks to TIYEPAD NETWORK ORG for the wonderful project bring to our village, people living with HIV/AIDS always need nutritional supplements for the healthy and long live. After the project we are able to assist our family as well as orphans in our respective homes after we sell our crops other part with family vegetable foods. On behalf of Tiyamike Supporting Club I want to thank Youth Organization and I encourage them to continue their good work in our villages to ensure that people from the villages have enough family food and that are able to generate family income”.

It has been noted that the project which has existed for 5 years now will benefit to over 7000 people by the end of 2018. Currently more other seeds crops have been received and distributed to over 500 people in Chiradzulu District in areas where high prevalence of drought whereby many crops were dried up of short of rainfall.

The Director of the Organization, Jonas Fadweck said; “Let me thank our partners SFP for their continuous support to the project. This wonderful project has been benefited to many people including people living with HIV/AIDS, orphans, school pupil, indigenous farmers as well as village women in form of family food and income. I would also like to thank our partner from Australia for the donation of permaculture manual and DVDs which helped our farmers to understand better on how they can practice and improve better standards for the conducive environment learning. Lastly, let me request our partners to continue their support to Malawian villagers and we will continue to be transparent and accountable till we make the micro project doable”.

In 2017/2018 season many parts of Malawi have been affected by drought many crops dried up in many areas which will surely resulted into hunger in many other village areas.



Reported by: Mphatso Jafali

Malawi is one of lowest African country with low access to printer net services. Due to this value has contributed to high level of unemployment especially young people from rural areas which comprise more than half of the population. In accordance with data reviewed, only 2-3 people among 10 are access to printer net services in Malawi which retards the development of the country. As you may agree with me, things have changed all over the world regarding to technological studies. For instance, you can access to health education issues, trainings, job opportunities, printer net/computer studies and many more valuable issues via printer net services.

In response to this there have been created more Printer net Foundations in many countries including Malawi which is the only country to born the Printer net Foundation with support from Printer net New York.

The founder of Printer net Foundation Malawi is Jonas Fadweck, the Director of TIYEPAD NETWORK based in Malawi. The Printer net was discovered by Printer net New York on the Face book thread after seeing the work hard and positive active of the guy (Jonas) and it was started with the design and print of caps and T-Shirts to its 10 volunteers during the 9 years celebration of its existence with support from New York. Other Printer net activity was about the posters concerning HIV/AIDS which distributed over the community. The next step was the design and printing of wonderful Newsletter which also distributed over the community under 6 months micro projects. The last but not list is the current project of installed WIFI to the village which also shock the community leaders.”It’s so grateful to see my young people doing wonderful, unbelievable and recommendable work in my community and I promise to give these youths a land  to build their Printer net Telecenter Office” said Group Village Head Nkando.

The PrinterNet Was Born In Malawi in the District of Mulanje, in Thuchila area

PrinterNet Thuchila installed Wi-Fi a month ago. People from the villages are already using the wifi to access the internet, computing and video shooting. Today, school has started. Students are overcrowding in the office to learn how to study computer. The first study topic is how to understand a computer, how it works, types of computers and many more.

The second study topic is about Microsoft word, excel, power point, sage line 50 and internet. The trainer is Jonas Fadweck, the founder and leader of PrinterNet – Thuchila. The main goal of the training today is to equip young people with computer skills for easy communication, interaction and access to job and other opportunities via web. The 1 week training will help the students to access to free internet service and also help them to deal with other problems and also youth behavior change campaign as many youths will be busy in office rather than doing other bad acts.

The training will help the students to study computer, typing skills etc needed for school studies, social network communications, creation of jobs and many opportunities via web log in and able to learn how to raise fund on the web.

Given the high demand, our next challenge is lack of computer as we are using only one laptop  computer against 10 students.

Printernet inayambila ku Malawi mdzinda wa Mulanje, mdera la Thuchila

PrinterNet Thuchila anakhazikitsa Wi-Fi mwezi watha. Anthu ochokera kumidzi ayamba kugwiritsa ntchito wifi kuti adziwe intaneti, makompyuta ndi kujambula mavidiyo. Lero, sukulu yayamba. Ophunzira akukwera mu ofesi kuti aphunzire kuwerenga kompyuta. Nkhani yoyamba yophunzira ndi m’mene mungamvetsetse kompyuta, momwe zimagwirira ntchito, makompyuta osiyanasiyana ndi zina zambiri.

Sukulu yachiwiri yophunzira ndikukhudza mawu a Microsoft, apamwamba, mphamvu, ndondomeko ya malemba 50 ndi intaneti. Wophunzitsa ndi Jonas Fadweck, yemwe anayambitsa ndi mtsogoleri wa PrinterNet – Thuchila. Cholinga chachikulu cha maphunziro lero ndi kukonzekeretsa achinyamata omwe ali ndi luso lapakompyuta kuti athe kulankhulana mosavuta, kuyanjana ndi kupeza ntchito ndi mwayi wina kudzera pa intaneti. Maphunziro a sabata imodzi amathandiza ophunzira kupeza mwayi wa utumiki wa intaneti komanso kuwathandiza kuthana ndi mavuto ena komanso kusintha kwa khalidwe la achinyamata pamene achinyamata ambiri adzakhala otanganidwa kuntchito osati kuchita zina zoipa.

Maphunzirowa athandiza ophunzira kuti aphunzire makompyuta, maluso ojambula ndi zina zotheka pa maphunziro a sukulu, kuyankhulana kwa ochezera a pa Intaneti, kulengedwa kwa ntchito komanso mwayi wambiri kudzera paweweti ndikudziwa momwe angakhalire ndalama pa intaneti.

Chifukwa chofunika kwambiri, vuto lathu lotsatira ndi kusowa kwa makompyuta pamene tikugwiritsa ntchito kompyuta imodzi yokha ya laputopu yomwe  ikutsutsana ndi ophunzira 10.