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June 16
By Canon Felix, Gitega Burundi.
If you want to move forward, avoid fear. Many people do not want to do
work for free. They will ask you many things. In Social Initiatives Support
Project, I made the difference. While others were failing, this was my
successful moment, using the resources in hand. I was chosen from World
Merit Burundi. I joined this international organization through Facebook. It
was in 2016. When the headquarter recommended me to look for their
legal representative in Burundi , Bujumbura, I used Facebook. I found it is
Nzigamasabo Léonidas. With him, I did many things. He is my coach. From
him I learned greater things. He gave me new connection: MIchael
Josefowicz and other important persons. MIchael Josefowicz has also
connected me to others and inspired me by how he does things.
Description of the micro-project

It was in 2016, when I was chosen from World Merit Burundi as a coach in
Social Initiatives Support Project, initiated by the Burundi US Embassy in
partnerships with World Merit Burundi, Innova Group and other
organizations. That task was to know how entrepreneurs are working, the
challenges they face in their daily activities. To run this project, it was a
difficult action because we were to work four months for free. A one week
workshop was organized in Muyinga Province(Eastern region) in order to
give us stuffs. Every one was asked to register and coach five
organizations. We had to choose three topics to develop. After reading all
the topics, I decided to choose :
1. Fundraising planning
2. Planning for impact
3. Leadership planning.

These are the topics I developed. To make this doable, everyone was to
look for the place he was going to use, for there were not fees to rent the

classroom. Instead of five organizations, I registered and coached twelve.
While developing these topics, I realized that many leaders have difficulties
to distinguish the difference between vision, mission and objectives.

When I teach I learn

The time of the project has been fruitful for me. As I moved with coaching, I
found one direction to focus on in my Jonny of entrepreneurship.
Recognizing the problem of entrepreneurs, I began to think on how to help
them to know their goals. I saw that the project was very important for
them. In the use of network, I didn’t realize that one can find partners there.
Taking what I learned from M Ichael Josefowicz, PrinterNet Foundation and
PrinterNet News, I saw the way. With my new connection, conversation
take the lead.

Since I have chosen what to do, I have made a choice to help them by
creating Menya Foundation in order to provide them with teachings. To
make the visibility of what we are doing, I created Menya Magazine. This
one writes successful stories and the works of the Foundation. These
stories are posted on our blog in various
languages. The challenge is that we cannot cover all the country. If
someone can help us to reach on all of them, it will be a good action. All the
trained associations are able to fundraise for their ngos.

Since that time, they can write and run a project. They learned how to lead
for good future. We are trying to compete with others. After the project,
something changed in my manner of doing things. Nowadays, we are
looking for partners to give us strength in our activities.


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